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This one-man vocal spectacular features impressions of over 50 voices from TV’s The Simpsons in a hilarious performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth! With a script that remains 85% Shakespeare, MacHomer will leave you "exhausted with laughter" (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).


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Bigger Than Jesus

Bigger Than Jesus is a “sinfully funny” and poignant multi-media ‘mass’ that questions the mysteries of life and historical and modern viewpoints on Christianity.


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From its most primitive expression; a baby’s cry – to its most sophisticated; opera singing – the human voice is a select locus of identity and emotion. Lipsynch explores its many manifestations, declensions and implications through different procedures that convey and reproduce it.


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Rick Miller

Rick Miller is an award-winning actor, comedian and playwright, and is one of North America's most popular performers. Trained in Montreal as an architect, actor, and singer, Rick has performed in five languages on five continents.


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WYRD Productions

Founded by Rick Miller and Jeff Lord as a company devoted to multi-disciplinary artistic creation, it has since evolved into one of Canada’s leading international exporters of culture.


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