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HARDSELL plays Toronto!

HARDSELL, the latest Rick Miller/Daniel Brooks collaboration, runs until May 9th at the Berkeley Street Theatre in Toronto.  
"HARDSELL is another Miller/Brooks opus that fascinates like a cobra. Hypnotized, we can’t look away...I’m still thinking about the show the next day!"  (Paula Citron, Classical FM 96)

Read on for more info, previews and reviews.

Canadian Stage Company presents the Necessary Angel and WYRD Production of HARDSELL, following in the footsteps of the last Miller/Brooks hit Bigger Than Jesus. 

An endless torrent of jokes, jingles, voices, and people, including Richard Dawkins, Stephen Lewis, Morgan Freeman, Bugs Bunny, and Rick Miller, invade the mind of a defenseless clown and ruin his life. HARDSELL boldly examines the commodification of everything. With a tour de force performance by the electric Rick Miller, HARDSELL is a multimedia extravaganza that slyly exposes the lies inherent in advertising. 

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Created by Rick Miller and Daniel Brooks
Performed by Rick Miller
Directed by Daniel Brooks
Production design by Beth Kates and Ben Chaisson

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